Landscape Paver Design, Color, and Pattern Options

Clients bring many questions when they come to Berkeley Design Group, but the majority revolve around the paver design, color, and pattern options they have available when creating their ideal paver patio, walkway, or pool surround installation for their home or business in Williamsburg, VA and the surrounding areas. We have a variety of paver stone colors available, and we ensure that you have the needed patterns and colors for your custom paver stone design for your Williamsburg, VA home or business.

If you are looking for a landscape design company in Williamsburg, VA to design and install a paver stone patio, paver stone driveway, walkway, or pool surround, the Berkeley Design Group is the easy choice for your high-end landscape design needs. We receive many requests for pavers designed to look like natural, locally-sourced stones, for people who desire for their homes to blend into the environment’s natural landscape. Whether you desire concrete paver stones that provide the look of natural stones, or paver stones that are sourced directly from natural stones, we can provide the landscape paver design and installation to meet your goals at Berkeley Design Group of Williamsburg, VA.

For inspiration, here are a few of our preferred manufacturers!

How to Install Pavers

Frequently Asked Questions

Clay pavers are made with real clay that is mixed, extruded and baked in a kiln at very high temperatures and concrete pavers are made with a special blend of concrete and coloring that is compacted at very high pressures in a special machine.
There is very little difference between pavers in general. The important difference is the maker of the pavers. Paving materials can vary from one manufacturer to next. The qualities that make a paver perfect are its compressive strength, water absorption rate and abrasion index.
No, that is one of the long term benefits to installing Flexible paving. Because all interlocking paving is flexible it can also resist cracking. This is especially beneficial in California which has very expansive soils.
Yes, our tradesmen are fully trained masonry professionals. We specialize in matching almost any material and seamlessly installing it so that the repair is undetectable in most cases.

Interlocking paving is a misleading term. What actually constitutes interlocking is really a dynamic function containing three different components. They are “rotational interlock” (resistance to tipping) “horizontal interlock” (resistance to spreading) “vertical interlock (resistance to sinking)”. So, that means for lasting quality you need good containment, good sub base and proper paver thickness. Thicker pavers for driveways thinner pavers for patios.

Yes, it protects it from leaky cars that might leave oil stains and it stays cleaner for much longer if you seal it right away before it has a chance to get stained. Remember when it’s sealed it only takes a hose to clean it off. We use breathable type sealers that protect against just about anything.
In most situations faded concrete can be renewed by recoloring it using various Tints & Stains.
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